Location Based Geofenced Device Advertising


Drive Website and In-Store Visits with Location-Based Ads. We can geofence an address or part of it down to 1 square meter. Advertisers can use this method to better target potential customers when they are ready to buy.

Usage example:
A car dealership can geofence their competitors locations and deliver ads to the customer’s mobile device, while they are inside the geofenced area, and will continue to display ads for 30 days after they have left the zone.

How it works:
A customer who enters one of your defined zones is served your ad, while browsing sites and using apps that display ads and for up to 30 days after they leave the zone.

Requirements and Limitations:
Of course, the customer must have a location enabled mobile device. Most devices are enabled, since other apps like maps require it. One campaign can have up to 10 geofenced zones. If you need more zones for this campaign, 10 additional zones can be added to your order at a rate of $10 per set of 10 zones added.

Extra Services:

Ad Design services and pricing are available on request.

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