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Is your business looking to reach a wide audience without breaking the bank? If so, car wash kiosks advertising can be a great option for you! Our network of fixed and mobile displays have a significantly lower cost per view than pay-per-click ads. An impressive 20,000 – 70,000 viewers are exposed to your ads each location each month at an average of only 0.01 cents per view. What’s more, our patent pending kiosks provide instructions and hands free payments for premium Kiosk models as well–making them even more attractive for businesses to invest in. With DOOH/OOH (out of home) digital marketing and technology, car wash kiosks advertising offers your business remarkable results at surprisingly low costs.

340X480Kingdom Advertising and Media DOOH advertising Kiosks are primarily at car wash and gas station locations. This makes perfect sense, as the kiosks blend and dispense Wiper fluid from concentrate.

Our kiosks pay for themselves in a matter of months via our ad profit sharing program that runs the ads on your display kiosk. Call us to host an ad kiosk at your location or to get more detailed information about our product.

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cwsgpIn Service and Shipping Now!

The GlassPro+ Clean Shine Kiosks can dispense 1600 gallons of glass cleaner at 6 cents per gallon. That’s equivalent to 6400 32oz bottles of glass cleaner. See the value yet? 32oz costs only 1.5 cents. At an average of $5 per bottle, Your product  on hand is worth $32,000. View Here.


View Available Locations For Your Ad Placements Kingdom Advertising and Media displays are currently deployed to the Cities and States below with hundreds of kiosk locations that include car washes, gas stations, on rideshare screens. Geofenced Ads targeting users devices entering your selected area, will be available on the platform soon. In the meantime, you can order these mobile ads directly from your Ad representative today.  

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